by Piyas Chakrabarti

Music is all around us. All one has to do is put a sensitive finger on the pulse of human existence to become aware of the elemental music of the universe. To be impervious to it is not only impractical but also impossible. It is there in the first sound we hear and maybe in the last one we will ever register. In joy or in sorrow, we turn to music. The tones vary but never stop. Even in a moment of total silence, the heart beats in rhythm. Artists have always been instinctively aware of this. Both the body and soul sway to music’s tempo. After all what is dance but the body responding to rhythm? What is painting if not the harmonious madness of the soul made resplendent in colour? What is poetry but words blended with subtle thoughts in rhythm?

Why do we like art, why do we respond to it? The answer probably lies in the fact that the throbbing music of nature is a part of our being. As the wind rustles the leaves, our mind drifts back through the corridors of memory to coalesce with the unseen presence all around us. The pitter-patter of the rain enthralls us as we are nothing more than drops of the life-force that is everywhere. Nothing begins or ends in the eternal cycle of music, only the tone changes.

Leaving you with a few lines I love:

When music sounds, all that I was I am
Ere to this haunt of brooding dust I came;
And from Time’s woods break into distant song
The swift-winged hours, as I hasten along.
“Music” by Walter de la Mare


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37 thoughts on “THE RHYTHM WITHIN”

  1. Simply beautiful Sir.
    MUSIC :
    M: Mother of creation of various sound
    U: Universal infinite feeling which triggers the heart
    S: Strings of notes which create sense of emotion
    I: I, which introduces to oneself
    C: continues to mesmerise and brings you closer to divinity.

  2. What a soulful description of our musical existence! Thank you for taking us into the mesmerising realm of the unseen, but omnipresent, expressing itself in the form of vivid natural backdrops and myriads of form of musical sounds. My deepest regards!

  3. Wow! What an incredibly deep insight into how integrated Music is in a person’s being, as well as how profoundly Music, and Art, are intertwined with human life! This was a very touching piece to read. Thank You Sir for giving us this great way of thinking and looking!

  4. Saklendra Sikka

    Such a lovely, thought provoking write up by Prof Piyas Chakrabarti! It highlights the universality and the divine power of musical beautifully. Each one of us connects to nature and the mellifluous melodies of music in our own special ways and that too, differently at different times. The sense of absolute peace, stillness that music brings about, transporting us to another realm altogether, can be felt while reading the blog. Loved reading it!

    Best wishes at the launch of this beautiful venture to Kaushiki ji!

    1. Piyas Chakrabarti

      Thank you so much Mr. Sikka for the kind words. I am really glad that we both feel the same way about the throbbing music all around us.

  5. So beautifully written. I always wondered how come every musician is also a writer and I got my answer in this blog. Putting words together is music. Where to use simple words and where to use words that resonate with everyone’s feeling and transcend them to a world where you wish to take them – this is so similar to music as we play around with notes – sometimes soothing, sometimes playful , sometimes aggressive.

    Thanks for the beautiful article.
    Excited for the launch of Music and Us.

    Hoping to be a part of it soon. ❣️

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