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Step into the world of Kaushiki's Music and Us, where tradition meets technology, and music blossoms in the digital age!

Our approach is as dynamic as the melodies of Hindustani Music. We've seamlessly combined the essence of the Guru-Shishya Parampara with cutting-edge technology. The result? An engaging, all-encompassing learning journey that unfolds with the elegance of classical music.

Imagine this: You're exploring intricate ragas, taals, and rhythms presented in beautifully crafted modules. It's not just learning; it's an art form in itself, much like the music it teaches. With vibrant visuals and interactive tools, you're about to embark on a musical adventure as joyful as a lively tabla beat.

But what sets us apart is our belief in practice. Our students don't merely learn; they actively participate. We'll assign you practical exercises that inspire you to prepare, record, and share your musical journey. This is where you'll discover your unique voice, as beautiful as the melodies you'll create.

What makes Music and Us truly exceptional is that it's a labor of love, crafted by the very hands that have graced the world's grandest stages. I am deeply honoured to be a part of this journey, serving as a guiding light along this musical path. The dedication to nurturing the next generation of musical talent is woven into every aspect of this platform. It's not just a website; it stands as a heartfelt offering, a portal into the world of music that holds a sacred place in our hearts.

Our promise is simple yet profound - as you delve into our courses, you'll enhance your singing skills and gain a deep understanding of Indian classical vocal music. Together, we'll pave a path as solid as a perfectly tuned tanpura string, leading you towards a brighter, more melodious musical future.

At Music and Us, happiness isn't just a note; it's the entire symphony. Join us on this unique and joyous journey, where tradition and technology harmonize, and every lesson is a celebration of music's beauty. Together, we'll create melodies that resonate in your heart forever. Let's make music, and let's make it uniquely yours!

Sing with us, swing with us, and smile with us at Music and Us. Your musical adventure awaits, and we're thrilled to create beautiful music together!

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